Buso House - Búso klub


The Buso House is a living museum, it means that life-size figures wearing busó masks and Sokci girls’s dress wich give a feel of the atmosphere of the busó festivities to those visitors to Mohács who come outside the carnival season. The members of Buso Club put on this masks and clothes during the carnival.


The masks are scarved by Mátyás Kulutácz  ( R.I.P. 2012), one of the founder of Buso Club.



They are thirty in the group, Busos and „Sokci girls” all of them.

The Buso Club lead the course with the coffin and they burn it on  the bonfire placed in  the city hall at Pancake day.



The club invite performer guests:


drummers, cavalrymans


and belly dancers,

 this program shows up in the Buso House too.



The house of Buso is open all year, address: 7700. Mohács Kossuth u. 54 

 tel: + 36-69/302677    mobil tel: +36-20/ 3307298